One Of A Kind Home

A grand and futuristic build, designed to stand the test of time as a timeless and indulgent home, meeting the most minute needs for an easy and seamless lifestyle, delivering a home which may be enjoyed by all. Such a project stands out and is incomparable to others as it stands as a distinctive and individual home, which is “one of a kind” due to its unique features and luxurious feel.

The End Result

The mixture of floor to ceiling windows and expansive windows in hushed tones creates an inclusive view throughout the vast home, as to have an enjoyable view of perfectly gravelled drive. Moreover, such extensive use of grand windows allows the surrounding nature to be embraced fully into the home, maximising natural sunlight to create an airy and light atmosphere. Which is defined by the opened up walkway between the out building and § experiencing harsh weather, and in comfort too. Another exterior feature which furthers the opulent image of the home, is the rich contrast of colours between the white coated Render, slate roof and dark characteristics shown on the garage door and window frames, allowing this prime design to truly stand out. Also, the substantially sized garage and man cave, provides and intimate recluse away from the home, as to indulge any hobbies, providing valuable space for household essentials, housed under our mastered vaulted build.


The interior inside is superior, and creates a sense of urban luxury due to its unique character and distinguished features. For example, the clean and sleek kitchen installed by Price & Price has handless cupboards, that match the overhanging breakfast island for seamless continuity of materials. Whilst, the use of adjustable LED lighting creates ambiance and mood, as the client may pick any colour to represent their mood. Our clever use and instillation of feature lighting commands attention and occupies space which would’ve otherwise be under appreciated, this may be shown by the magnificent spiral chandelier which truly brightens up the grand entry, creating a welcoming aura.

Extension & Rustic Patio

The grand rebuild, required intensive consultation and designing as to produce the ultimate entertainment and relaxation centre for our clients. This began by stripping the entire conservatory and introducing structural ground supports, which would be able to house a much larger extension. The extra space gained was further enhanced by the installation of numerous Velux Windows, and a collection of floor to ceiling windows, as to allow natural light and the surrounding nature to be embraced into the home, which is particularly enhanced due to the natural wood patio, which completes their environment perfectly. Such use of the treated wood is a prime example of how the home has a more contemporary country inspired atmosphere.

The End Result

The cosy open area of the extension is perfect for all seasons due to the substantial shade it provides, however there is also a singular Velux Window present to allow the area to be flooded with natural sunlight.

The custom interior, supported by useful steelwork (Installed by Price & Price) exuded a classic and relaxed vibe due to the natural colour scheme, and multi levels, which enhance the use of space and natural light even further. The theme of naturally occurring woods is also present inside as the flooring helps to compliment the outside seamlessly.

Fashionable Modern Extension

A magnificent and progressive extension, designed with the intentions of standing out and representing the finest craftsmanship and advanced designs. This extension truly acts as an indulgent and fashionable piece, which presents the image of an opulent lifestyle. But overall, this is a home which can be fully enjoyed due to all the new and unique opportunities offered due to such a build.

The End Result

The mixture of floor to ceiling windows in hushed tones and a bright K Rend creates a dazzling contrast, which is truly attention grabbing. However, it also acts as an inclusive form as it creates an almost glass wrap-around feature which captures their surroundings perfectly. By having an open plan space, supported by steel work the interior is minimalistic however, the sense of infinite space adds to the luxe effect. Subtle tones throughout the build work perfectly with the exterior and add to the continuous theme, which may be pinpointed by the installed LED’s, both inside and outside, which highlight the great piece.

Opening Up A Garden

Originating as a tame and traditional detached, this home lacked a modern twist, and the ability to fully cherish their vast garden and space available. Such an extensive project required deep consultation and architectural services (complimentary with any Price & Price experience), as to cleverly meet the needs and desired image of the clients, and to achieve the main goal of maximising and showcasing the back garden as its greatest asset. In order to reflect such aims Price & Price installed infinite floor to ceiling windows, creating limitless space, especially when combined with the stone stairs as it elevates the house as to look over the garden from a higher level.

The End Result

The use of a flawlessly applied K Rend with a bright white finish creates an awe inspiring image, which is a huge contrast and positive difference to how the build used to look. Therefore, the careful and well planned design and master fit truly elevated a house which had minimal potential, to a showcase with limited barriers on space both inside and outside.

Contemporary Extension

A bespoke project designed to meet specific needs, accommodating even the most minute details as to elevate the existing building and design. Price & Price delivered a complimentary exterior which truly interprets the clients desired lifestyle and aesthetic. But the project goes beyond being simply viewed as an extension as it reflects upcoming trends and represents a unique character, unlike a “carbon copy” design.

The End Result

The use of naturally occurring woods for the cedar cladding, and hushed tones for the PVC windows, creates a luxe image, partnered with our skilful and flawless fit to accommodate the surrounding nature. Due to the pairing of expansive floor to ceiling windows alongside cedar cladding, nature can truly be welcomed into the home due to such a limitless view, which truly appreciates the custom bar and seating area on the decking. Moreover, the floor to ceiling windows have beaten the existent barrier which the clients faced prior to the project, as the fitted kitchen and the interior of the house were seamlessly merged with the outside, as to create the impression of limitless space.

Due to kitchen acting as the centre and heart of any home, it became essential for our client’s kitchen to be easily intertwined with the exterior, in order to create the feeling of infinite space hence the open plan and use of floor to ceiling windows. The property itself reflects a modern tone, so the design was tailored in order to highlight this as, the blend of marble and polished white panels helps to create a light, airy and open feeling, emphasising the finished image of cleanliness and seamless design due to slick handle-less cupboards and spotlighted LEDs, which is suitable for both everyday life and all guest needs, therefore it creates a sense of effortless elegance.

A Natural Extension

A progressive remodelling of a property, designed to elevate and improve a standard property to its full creative potential. By accommodating and complementing nature into the aesthetic, Price & Price were able to make full use of the client’s atmospheric and wholesome settings.


The End Result

By installing extensive underfloor heating, the client’s views may be fully appreciated, as they can enjoy them in full comfort regardless of the weather, therefore the extension indulges extra space as it can be used and enjoyed in any season. Whilst the use effortless and clean colour palettes (seen in our flawless K Render) maximise and reflects the light which pours through the Velux windows installed in the vaulted ceilings, which highlights the creation of space. The unique corner kitchen fit, underlines how Price & Price’s individual design have utilised a smaller space without over spilling into the living area. Instead, we have created a multi use area for entertainment and everyday use.

Moreover, the small yet significant outside lighting highlights the new build and its indulgent features like the expansive glass windows, pinpointing it as a ambient and atmospheric extension.

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